A letter to Bebe Cool that left Him and his Fans shocked

Dear Moses Ssali, this Kojja who’s determined to use Facebook to liberate Uganda from Lumpens like you who are selfish in all sectors of life.

I am forced to reply to you though others have graduated you or given you a masters in stupidity but for the sake of my fellow Ugandans and oppressed majority let me reply to you.

By the way, English is my 2nd language so if those who use it as their 1st language find some errors pls I am sorry.

Moses Bebe Fool first get from me that I am not abusing you, just helping to try and bring a better Uganda which your mother and friends will enjoy and benefit cod I have visited your mum and found out that she’s in need for help.

Pls, stop going to cheap media seeking popularity cos when Lumpens like you abuse or tax, media outlets are not alerted so enjoy the music.

Nobody knew that your lovely mum who’s over 70 yrs can be out in snow doing petty jobs for survival when you who’s supposed to help her retire peacefully you are busy running after Lumpens who are abusing and killing mothers on daily basis.

We know for sure that you dumped your mum in the US where she’s illegally to have peace cos she was becoming a burden to you. Shame upon children like you who treat their parents like you.

Lastly, I am not far, come to Ireland and open a case against me speaking about you and the government you support, I am not threatening your mum but if you preach that Jjajja Bosco brought peace and prosperity why can’t your lovely mum enjoy it.

Kojja the writer of this Letter