#Action2019: How Besigye & Jinja are making Sudan effect a reality in Uganda

Protests still ongoing after police invaded Kira Fm this morning and stopped the People’s President and FDC party leaders from the radio program.

Many people have been injured and the radio station equipment’s destroyed. Protesters stopped police from towing the People’s President’s car and resisted arrests.

Police later called for re-enforcement from UPDF but the people resisted amidst teargas and live bullets.
Protests have now spilled to the near by Town of Bugembe.The spirit of defiance of the FDC Jinja people has gotten high, they told police point blank, that once Besigye reaches Kirinya, it is his home, your taking him no where, you have no business with him right now, this prompted the breakdown car driver to runaway and left besigye to kirinya road, while kirinya people proved to the police that we’re the bosses in this country.

This was after a cut short radio talk show on Kiira FM where Besigye was addressing the people of Busoga about the political issues at head in the country, where the RDC ordered the owner of the radio to switch it off because of hosting Dr Besigye, and eventually police swung into action to a rest Besigye.

But still Jinja people failed them, and locked their president in his car , bullets and teargas was the food there, but people refused until police called for a breakdown to tower his vehicle, As Dr said none violent struggle until the junta himself is down.

The masses where shouting If Sudanese did it, why can’t we did it?