“Americans want to destroy me due to their jealousy” Kayihura reveals why he is targeted

The former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Kale Kayihura, has accused the US government of trying to destroy him over what he has described as baseless cases against him.

The Trump administration slapped sanctions against Kayihura, citing evidence of serious human rights abuse against Ugandan Citizens, corruption and torture.

In an exclusive interview with Bukedde FM, Kayihura cried foul and regretted the accusations as only aimed at destroying him.

During the interview, the host, Bashir Kazibwe, told Kayihura: “In your response to a statement by the American government, you said they want to tarnish your name…” Before Kazibwe could complete the sentence, Kayihura interjected saying: “Tarnishing is a lighter word, they are destroying me. They want to destroy me.”

Citing allegations against him of smuggling of drugs, gold and wildlife, Kayihura who sounded upset, said:

“Really, me a smuggler? You all know me, Kayihura being a smuggler? Really, really? I am even lost for words.”

The former powerful general and Police chief complained that the American government did not give him a fair hearing. He argued that the Americans acted on what he described as wolokoso (rumours) spread by some elements in Uganda.

On allegations of torture at Nalufenya, Kayihura said the US did not carry out thorough investigations. He swore that no Ugandan was tortured at the infamous Nalufenya Police Station in Jinja district.

“The only case of torture I know about is of Kamwenge town council mayor Geoffrey Byamukama. And he was tortured during his arrest by security operatives. He was not tortured at Nalufenya,” Kayihura argued.

He argued that Nalufenya was a legal Police detention center, but was established after an agreement by different security agencies such as the army for the detention of suspects in high-profile cases such as Jamil Mukulu.

He argued that the facility was being run by both the army and Police and it was unfair to blame him alone.

“Whatever happened there, was the work of all security agencies. It is not only the Police officers; there were other security officers like the army,” Kayihura explained.

He said during his time as Police boss they reprimanded those that had participated in the torture of Ugandans, especially the Kamwenge mayor’s tormentors.

“We arrested them and they were tried in civil courts and these issues were in the news, we were not tolerating indiscipline,” he said.

“America should leave me alone, I am trying to make ends meet for myself and my family, saying I have properties in America, is a lie. All I have is here in Uganda and it is not much. I declared my property to the IGG and those who want to know them, should go to the IGG,’ he argued.

“I do not know what America wants from me. Do they want to take my farm where I am keeping my goats? Are they looking for the goats of a black man who is trying to make ends meet?” he asked

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