Another Mole in people power camp has been exposed

The man behind the Facebook account kojja omugezi who calls for the killing of several political figures in Uganda is now known and his past activities revealed.

Kojja omugezi real names Sudie Magezi stays in Dublin Ireland, where he relocated after staying some years in South Africa.

This magezi was a member of ADF, and was one of those who massacred students at kicwamba institute. He was later given amnesty by President Museveni regime in exchange for giving names of some sheiks whom he claimed supported ADF.

These sheiks were arrested and Magezi was helped by CMI to leave for South Africa, from where he later relocated to Ireland. While seeking asylum in Ireland he never mentioned that he had been given amnesty.

In Dublin, he lives at no. 26 Moyl balbriggan co. And uses telephone 089- 9625091. He is in close contact with Ugandan intelligence services, getting financial help from CMI, and is planted in people power to spy.