AU has given Rwanda a strong warning on causing instabilities in region

President Yoweri Museveni and H.E Paul Kagame of Rwanda

For a long period of time Rwanda has been provoking into war her neighboring countries which include Tanzania, DRC, Burundi and Uganda.

In all these countries, there are refugees from Rwanda which has made Rwanda fear that at one point these refugees will want to topple their government. Basing on such excuses, Rwanda started recruiting machineries/murders to take out people who it perceived to be potential threats to their regime. These machineries have been hunting down political exiles and in the due process have harmed the natives.

For a period spanning nearly three decades, the Rwandan government has been accused by human rights groups, governments and individuals of sponsoring and planning attacks on its dissidents and critics.
These reported attacks and threats on Rwandan dissidents have been documented not only in Uganda, but also in South Africa, Kenya, Belgium, Sweden, and Mozambique. Several researchers, journalists and authors have accused the Kigali regime of complicity in crimes against its critics and suspected opponents within and outside Rwanda.

While in a secretive meeting with African Union security council, a former top Rwandan government official Robert Higiro, who is currently in exile after falling out with his boss recently confessed that Rwanda has deployed it’s operatives from DMI across the East African region to cause nothing but instability.

He further alleged that Rwanda has also formed and sponsored insurgent groups in the neighbouring countries who they believe to be hosting their enemies. They’re doing this as a way of retaliation because they think that the neighbouring countries are habbering their enemies.

In its resolution AU has deducted tha Rwanda is playing a dangerous game in trying to attack all her neighbours because these countries also know how to attack and are able to defend themselves. Instead Rwanda should put all her efforts in bringing harmony in the region and solidify the East African community.