Babirye Drops new killer song attacking her co-wife & ex-lover

As news of the breakup of Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye with the fellow lawmakers, Paul Musoke Sebulime, continues to spread, the queen of gospel music in the country has dropped a new song titled Buli Uzziah affe.

The song, which has been released at a time when her relationship with husband Musoke is on the rocks, traces its roots from the biblical book of Isaiah 6:1 and 2 Chronicles 26:6-18.

According to the Bible, King Uzziah’s fame and strength led him to become proud, and this led to his downfall.

He committed an unfaithful act by entering the temple of God to burn incense on the altar. Burning incense on the altar was something only the priests could do.

By attempting to do this himself, Uzziah was basically saying he was above the law. Going by the song, which is circulating on social media, it seems Sebulime was standing in Babirye’s way.

“In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up and the train filled the temple,” reads the Bible.

On July 28, last year, Babirye introduced Musoke to her parents at a secret venue. As the media and Uganda public was beginning to wonder about Babirye’s silence, news came out that actually, even her marriage with Ssebulime had cracked.

To make matters worse, information came in that Sebulime had secretly been introduced to his first wife Lukiya Ntale’s parents last weekend.

Lukia had been with Ssebulime for over eight years before Babirye came in the picture and that the two have three children, including a set of five-year-old twins Kato and Babirye Musoke and the first-born, a boy of nine years.

When Babirye, who is rumored to be pregnant, learned of her ex-lover’s betrayal, she flew to the US.

Through the song, Babirye tries to express what she is going through now. She repeatedly calls the spirit of death to intervene in her situation and kill all those standing in her journey.

“Let every Uzziah who is holding my papers, tampering with my children, ministry die,” she sings. Anyone with a Uzziah should listen to the song.