Beatrice Anywar: “Bobi Wine has made a big political mistake. he should stay in his Lane”

Bobi Wine and other politicians aligned to 'People Power' addressing reporters at Magere

The Kitgum Municipality MP Beatrice Atim Anywar has said that Robert Kyagulanyi, the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament also a leader of People Power has made a big political mistake by declaring early his intentions to stand for president.

Her comments came shortly after Bobi Wine unveiled a complete list of a team that is going to coordinate People Power activities in different parts of the country ahead of the 2021 general elections

Anywar noted that politics is like a business whereby one needs to do a lot of calculations by learning from many sample areas and where he is heading many people with enough experience have tried but failed.

Speaking to journalists in Kampala on Wednesday, she said Bobi Wine’s move will greatly affect his political carrier noting that Dr. Kizza Besigye who has stood a test of time, in some parts of the country remains unknown.

“Even Col. Besigye who has been around for a while, you will find that sometimes his party fails to secure candidates in all parts of the country and that’s an indicator that you are not there,” she said.

She noted that in politics one needs to know how to move from one step to another and that needs a lot of time but if it’s done prematurely, it is like trying to harvest the immature crop.

“For him my young son here he should have used his opportunity as a Member of Parliament to probably serve two more terms as he lays the groundwork for his bid,” she said.

Anywar said Bobi Wine should have emulated the character of Gen Mugisha Muntu stating that he is a man who is slow but sure.

“That’s why for me, I am very happy with General Muntu because is a man who is slow but sure, he does not jump for every song sung on the stage,” she said