Bebe, Buchaman & Kusasira Have Shallow Brains & won’t help You Out-compete Bobi Wine – Ssemujju

Hon. Ssemujju: “If Mr. Museveni thinks that appointing and awarding different people from the music industry will help him to outcompete Hon Kyagulanyi or sort the country’s problems, then he is wasting his time and the tax payer’s money.

Museveni should stop wasting taxpayers’ money investing in such shallow-minded people who will not help Uganda but instead invest in the education sector which needs a lot of support…

“Mr Museveni and his wife Janet Kataha Museveni (the minister of Education and sports) are responsible for the Makerere strikes.

People should know that the education sector is controlled by Museveni’s family, it’s Miss Museveni who orders for the increment of tuition in public institutions and its Museveni who orders the military to brutalize the students.

Museveni is the commander of the military so nothing is done without his command or him being aware of it.”

Museveni invests over 240 billion shillings in handouts which is almost equivalent to the annual expenditure of Makerere university.

“The money used by Museveni in handouts is equivalent to the annual expenses of Makerere university, but instead of supporting the university, he gives it to Kusasira, Butchaman and Bebe Cool thinking that it will help him out compete for his opponent.,”