Bebe Cool implores M7 to rescue Kabaka of Buganda

Bebe Cool also known as Moses Ssali has come out on his Facebook page and implored the commander in chief, he president of uganda to give all his asssitance to make sure the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi gets the best health and medical attention he deserves

On a statement posted on his Facebook Moses Ssali roasted the Mengo administration for exposing the king’s health condition to the whole country and being silent as the king was suffering from the illness.

“As a concerned Muganda, I seek to understand why the Kabaka is being kept in Uganda where the health system is strained and can’t handle his ailment? What don’t the Mmengo officials see? Why the loud silence?,” Bebe Cool asks. “People of dignitatories are rushed abroad for treatment. Why can’t the same be done for the Kabaka? The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is rushed to Nairobi even when he gets fever. Why can’t the Katikkiro Mayiga and other Buganda officials borrow a leaf?,” Bebe adds.

He goes ahead to wonder why they allowed the Kabaka to make a public appearance in such a frail tear triggering condition.

“Why did you bring him for the ceremony when you knew he was not okay? Did you bring him to embarrass him before his subjects?,” he asks before going ahead to rally his confidant Gen. Yoweri Museveni to reign in and ‘rescue’ the Kabaka.

However His appeal to Museveni has angered alot of Buganda subjects saying Bebe Cool has derailed by calling for assistance from the ‘prime suspect’ in the Kabaka’s scientific ailment.