Besigye yields to pressure & reveals who he works for

FDC’s strong man and also its former president Kizza Besigye has come out to answer critics and claims attributed to him of sharing similar traits with President Museveni. Besigye a four times presidential candidate of all he lost was answering people power fanatics and other opposition figures

“Some people, even in opposition have been saying Besigye and Museveni are the same. Can you believe? “He asked astonishingly.

“If you ask them what is it that Besigye does that is almost similar to Museveni, you will not get a response,” he added.

Besigye has been facing strong criticism from many opposition figures who included Democratic Party president Nobert Mao and Abed Bwanika for working with Museveni and leading the opposition to total doom.

Kyadondo east Member of parliament Rober Kyagulanyi People power movement have been accusing tFDC’s strong pillar of being “greedy and mean” for refusing to allow new face to lead opposition struggles to oust President Museveni who has been ruling Uganda for the last three decades.

During a DP Bloc inauguration ceremony last month Nobert Mao and Robert Kyagulanyi attacked Besigye for his total failure in the last 4 presidential elections.

“Don’t talk about democracy and stand four times and on the fifth time you claim to people that democracy doesn’t work. We believe it works. On that point, I will assert that democracy actually works” Bobi Wine said.

Dr. Kizza Besigye has said that the opposition in Uganda must work as a united force if they are to dislodge President Museveni.

“The people of Uganda are not divided at all and they have never been, even in the last elections we have been with leaders who are not united but people have always been united and its good we leaders become united” he said

Besigye added that he never set out to seek leadership and he has never contested for any office until 2001.

“The opposition is not me or Norbert Mao. The opposition in Uganda are the people who are discontented with the junta. The struggle is a protracted one that will take time because it has processes,” he said.