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Best way to consume Chia Seeds


Fausta Aketh, a nutritionist with Internal Rescue Committee, says consumption of two tablespoonfuls in day will enable one tap into the health benefits of the seeds. She adds that consumption of chia seeds is not restricted to age.

Adults and children from about two years can consume the seeds. Aketh says one can choose to consume the seeds as a breakfast cereal after soaking them in water. “Scoop two tablespoonfuls (28g) of the seeds, mix them in about 300mg of lukewarm water, juice or a smoothie. Leave them to sit for about five minutes before consumption.

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This allows the seeds to bulge and form a gel-like coating,” she explains. Shamim Mujomba, a nutritionist with Health U, says one can also sprinkle and mix the seeds with fruits, for example, in a salad, or even in food. Winnie Natukunda, a regular consumer of chia seeds, says they can also be ground into powder.

“Then scoop two tablespoonfuls of the powder and mix it in hot water to make a beverage. This way, the nutrients get absorbed in the body faster,” she says.

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Aketh says chia seeds should be stored in a dry place. “In addition, because of their tiny size, the cleaning process has to be thorough before storage.” Godfrey Atim, a dealer in chia seeds, says they have a long shelf-life. Atim says dried chia seeds can be used for over four years, while refrigerated gel can stay up to three weeks.