Bidandi’s advise to Museveni and Bebe cool about Bobi wine left them perplexed

Bidandi Ssali’s verdict on Bobi Wine has left the NRM block and his son confused of whether he is threatening them or speaking reality.

Bidandi a former presidential aspirant warned Museveni and NRM CEC leaders never to underestimate Bobi wine as Obote did when it came to Museveni.

Here is the full verdict Bidandi had to say about the people power pioneer and also Chairman of the liberation struggle :-
“Museveni does not underestimate his political opponents. If Museveni was underestimating Hon Kyagulanyi; would he give out money to the youths any howly?, he knows that Kyagulanyi’s strength is in youths.

Museveni can not do Obote’s mistake. Obote’s greatest mistake was to underestimate Museveni. In politics the moment you underestimate your opponents, your finished.

Politics is a different thing, the more you underestimate your opponent is the more you motivate him and the more you encourage him to prove you wrong.

Now the reason why Hon Kyagulanyi has become strong is that the people around Museveni underestimate him. And he seems to be calculative cause the advantage he has, he does not focus on the people who underestimate him.

A person who has a big dreams does not have time for people who discourage him. Hon Kyagulanyi will become a serious threat in 2021 if all Opposition parties back him.”

Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, also Bidandi Ssali (born 1937), is a veteran Ugandan politician and businessman. He is the founder of the People’s Progressive Party in Uganda and served as its president.

Previously he was Minister for Local Government from 1989 to 2004. He was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2011 presidential elections.