Bizzemu Saga: Mayinja to Kneel before Museveni and Apologise as wrangle deepens

The battle between Uganda’s celebrated musicians Catherine Kusasira and Ronald Mayinja has deepened.

While speaking out to Kusasira said that she is still mad and pissed at Ronald Mayinja for singing ‘Bizzemu’

Catherine said she was surprised by the way Mayinja behaved because He begged her politely to sing for President Museveni before the President leaves.

“I obliged to his request and as a result, I begged the president to listen to one more song from Ronald Mayinja before he goes, but I was surprised that he chose a song which was criticizing the president and his achievements,” Kusasira said

Kusasira further narrated that they had agreed that Mayinja should sing only two songs “Nnazaalibwa mukazi mwavu and Njagaza Kajanja”. She added that even Presidents SFC guards were told that Mayinja had agreed to follow the plan

The latest developments show that Golden Band productions where the two artists are signed from is about to collapse or split into two.

With one side supporting Ronald Mayinja that he was free to sing a song of his choice without being compelled or ordained by the events manager.

Grace Sekamatte a member of Golden band production praised Ronald Mayinja for his bravery and that his actions deserve to be rewarded and appreciated by all Ugandans.

Another side supporting Kusasira aired their grievances saying that Ronald Mayainja had his own evil personal agendas and he should pay for what he did or apologize before the president

Kusasira said that Mayinja embarrassed her in front of President Museveni and that she is going to use all her might and make sure Mayinja apologizes before the president Museveni.

However, Ronald Mayinja retaliated by saying, he will never apologize. He further said he doesn’t know why Kusasira is so angered by a mere song “Bizzemu”.