Bobi exposes Police and ECs plans of frustrating his Presidential Ambitions

The DP block reacted furiosly on ECs Plan of blocking National ID from the election process of 2021.

According to DP Bloc the move aimed at frustrating the presidential ambition of Kyandondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi.

Kyagulanyi the pioneer of people power is known for using a slogan FUNA E NDAGA MUNTU literally meaning ‘Get Your National ID’.

Addressing the media at the DP party headquarters in Kampala, Michael Mabikke a member of DP bloc noted that the Electoral Commission has lost its independence and mandate by giving Ugandans such kind of information.

Mabikke noted that the whole Electoral Body has shown Ugandans that they get their instructions from President Museveni.

“We want to bring meaningful electoral reforms that are going to guide the Electoral Commission, electoral reforms that are going to ensure that the Electoral Commission is independent,” he said.

To make matters worse the Uganda Police has embarked on plans to ban the newly introduced people power red Berret with a move seen by opposition members as a plan to cripple Bobi’s presidential ambitions

On Monday at a massively attended gathering in Kamwokya, presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu announced the Red Week campaign. The move was aimed at encouraging the oppressed Ugandans to rise and express their disgruntlement over the rogue rule of Yoweri Museveni.

Police in a leaked statement claims that the Red berets are the source of the ongoing conflict and violence purportedly conducted on NRM supporters.

The police claim Baker was nailed by People Power supporters for confidently donning in the yellow barret. “A ban will be the last resolve to hinder this violence. Red berets should leave Kampala streets”, part of the police statement reads.