Bobi wine advised to write a Will before coming back to oppose Museveni

The Kyadondo East Member of parliament who was recently cited in Zimbabwe where he was invited by his fellow opposition comrades Chamisa of MDC has been advised to write a will before opposing Museveni

Kyagulanyi has been inflicted with multiple threats from the time he showed interest in the Juicy state sit of Gen Kaguta Museveni. Arua By Election could be described as the first Mayhem.

The prominent Lawyer named Ladislaus Rwakafuzi was quoted saying that the Arua saga was pre-meditated by the government in a move to crash Bobi wine and throw him in jail to step on his political ambitions.

In his own words” If you don’t know, If you want to compete against president Museveni, you need to first write a will because it’s always a tough route” Rwakafuzi noted

Bobi has been exposed to a lot of insecurities, a notable one is when a scare bomb grenade was thrown at his home during the Togikwatako saga. And most of his comrades where badly beaten by the SFC forces who came and invaded the parliament. Mityana MP Zaake Francis is still nursing wounds he got during the fight.