Bobi Wine and Besigye tipped on how to work & crash Museveni in 2021

Besigye and Bobi wine in Hoima

In Hoima district, Kyabagambire Sub County is the most rural, and probably one of the biggest.

It was given to Harold Kaija, Hon Michael Kabaziguruka and Dr. Margret Kasande, Nasur Din and Kakeeto to supervise.

All of them are FDC veterans of the struggle and Kabaziguruka, Kaija and Kasande and Ministers in the People’s Government, with Kasande a member of the Presidential Council of State.

But it’s in Kyabagambire where mischief was going to be: it had the highest volume of pre-ticked NRM ballot Papers, so the need to deploy veterans.

Then, Kaija, Nasur, and Kakeeto are arrested. Only two Kabaziguruka and Kasande remain standing. It becomes an impossible task for only two people to supervise a huge Sub-county.

I hope when the dust has settled and we look at Sub County by Sub County, we could find votes that came out of Kyabagambire for Junta candidate Businge alone, are much more than registered voters.

That is NRM for you. They go into an election, arrest agents and supervisors of opponents and then, do as they wish.

Who then signs off DR Forms without agents who were arrested earlier? The Junta completes the exercise. They start it in their favor and end it in their favor.

Then we Ugandans conclude there was an election in Hoima where there was a Junta winner and Joint Opposition Candidate loser. TOTAL RUBBISH.

I SUGGEST or PROPOSE that those who think they are doing Electoral Reforms or can persuade Museveni to organize free and fair elections should really do is look at SAFETY of agents. Where a candidate agents are arrested from a polling station, then that polling station should be declared not to have voted.

Because, if a candidate’s agent has been removed from a polling station by arrest, what is the integrity of results from that polling station?

We can’t keep like this surely. By Ronald Muhinda