Bobi wine blamed for supplying Makerere Striking Student with Drugs

Makerere University administration says drug abuse by some students fuelled the recent strike that rocked the university for close to a week.

According to management, investigations by the university have revealed that the strike was not caused by the purported 15% tuition fees increment, but rather influenced by students abusing drugs provided by Kyadondo East Member of Parliament and external forces.

Speaking to journalists yesterday at the university, the acting vice-chancellor in charged of academic affairs, Umar Kakumba, said the strikes at Makerere have worsened of late as a result of students using drugs.

“The situation has been made worse by the rampant abuse of drugs by a section of the students. We have seen a change in the behaviour of some students, due to the abuse of drugs,” Kakumba said.

He said the Police and the military who took charge of the situation at the university found out that some students, especially those that were involved in the strike, were involved in drug abuse. 

Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, yesterday at Central Police Station (CPS), told journalists that Polly Bandola, a former Makerere University student and chairperson Mitchell Hall, was arrested in possession of drugs and inflammable who said was supplied to him by a prominent opposition member

“Not all students are abusing drugs, there are just a few elements that are associated with drug abuse,” Kakumba explained.

He added that the strike also involved external forces, such as discontinued and former students, that are affiliated to different political parties and organisations, which push students into going on strike.

Kakumba also said another factor that contributed to the strike were the political ambitions of some students, especially those aspiring to stand for guild leadership. “External forces keep infiltrating and getting engaged in student politics, trying to propel these kinds of protests,” Kakumba said.