“Bobi wine is a Dikuula (fake politician),Liar & taught us weed smoking” Buchaman attacks Bobi again

Ever since singer Buchaman fell out with Bobi Wine and deserted Fire Base, the two have never shared a cup of tea. And for Buchaman it is even worse that whenever he is asked about his former boss he skins him like they have never been pals.

Ugandan faded musician Butcher man lashes bitter words at the self proclaimed ghetto president HE Bobi Wine who doubles as the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament as well as People Power Movement leader.

While conducting an interview on BBS TV earlier today, the ‘Lwaki Temumatira’ singer attacked Bobi and described him as a ‘Dikuula’.

According to butcherman all politicians are lairs and the Tuliyambaala Engule ’ star is not in anyway different from them.

“..Every politician is a liar that’s why i told you that they are all drama actors and fake…politics is a dirty game”, he boldly claimed.


He further said that Bobi wine is a hindrance to young artists talent as he teaches them only to smoke weed and robbery acts.

“Bebe supported people like Bobi wine, Chameleon, Rema Namakula,Eddy Kendo,Atlas,Ks Alphur and now they are prominent people and musicians But Bobi wine taught me butcherman, Nubian Lee, Casanova RIP, Kabaya, Banjo man, Henry Tigan etc how to smoke weed and kifesi work”


Butcher man who left fire base 12 years ago due to irreconcilable differences says that Bobi who contested for the MP seat was not even from kyadondo but belongs to Magere. He went a head to say that Katinti who lost the seat to Bobi was right full candidate since he belonged to kyadondo.

He went further saying that his vote went to Katinti something he doesn’t regret doing, Share the post to inform your friends. Thanks for reading.