Bobi wine Joins Kabuleta & rants Police on his ‘Brutal Arrest’

Controversial city pastor Joseph Kabuleta was arrested on Friday evening by security men who refused to identify themselves at Drew & Jacs Patisserie, a restaurant, coffee shop, and bar at Forest Mall Lugogo.

This morning, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi has joined a number of freedom fighters and rights activists condemning the arrest of former journalist Kabuleta. In a series of tweets, Bobi Wine has tweeted;

“When freedom of expression becomes the target of suppression, opposition becomes our position. We shall not tire to struggle for the liberation of our motherland from this kind of tyranny. We shall certainly overcome.”

“And so like that, Joseph Kabuleta, former journalist, was kidnapped & taken into custody over Facebook posts that are offensive to President Museveni. Calling him a gambler, thief, and liar! Apparent move to silence all critics- esp those bold enough to expose his evil schemes.”

Bobi Wine also commented on the crude methods of security arresting people in private cars, a trend he feels only adds to the insecurity in the country.

“They no longer have time to introduce themselves as required by law. They just kidnap you, bump you into a private car, and you’ll be lucky if not tortured in there. Resultant, kidnappers who are not in security now have a field day- their victims can’t tell who’s taking them.

Back Ground on Why Kabuleta was arrested

Police on Friday night confirmed they were the ones who arrested Kabuleta at Drew & Jacs Patisserie, a restaurant, coffee shop and bar located at Forest Mall Lugogo and that he was being detained at the Special Investigations Directorate in Kireka.

“This is to inform the public that a team of detectives from the Special Investigations Division has today (Friday) arrested Joseph Kabuleta, a self -styled pastor, and put him under custody. He has been apprehended because of offensive communication against the person of the President,” Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said.

Enanga said that according to preliminary information, the writer repeatedly posted grossly offensive messages, under “Joseph Kabuleta Weekly Rant Returns,” referring to the Fountain of Honor as “a Gambler, Thief and Liar”. Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011, criminalizes such acts of communication.

He cautioned members of the public, “who glorify such communication, particularly through social media, that though it is public space, it is not protected. Therefore, any postings of false fabrications will attract punishment in accordance with the laws.”