“Bobi Wine knew from start that Full Figure was a mole” Banjo’s Full speech reveals more details

Promoter Bajjo:

” I am very happy that what I once said is now happening. I remember telling you that those who fool people that they are in struggle will soon seen by their actions.

If you think this struggle is about Bobi Wine I want to assure you that you are fooling yourself, if you think going to NRM your hurting Bobi Wine or PP you are a qualified fool, I am sounding rude am sorry but that the real fact.

This struggle is for everyone who is fade up of Museveni’s bad rule,  injustice, corruption, oppression etc. Bobi Wine is an intelligent man, we knew that Full Figure is just targeting something in People Power  that’s why he never gave her any place near him.

Oyo yali mbega wa NRM nga alowooza tetumumanyi. Apart from abusing vulgar words to everyone even journalists, what impact does Full Figure has for us in struggle?.

I am happy that she has now shown her real side. I would like to advise anybody in People Power who thinks that being in People Power u have to first be paid money to quit immediately.

We don’t buy support in PP, the love for your country and change are the things that should make you join People Power not money,  big positions or news headlines. If you don’t want to want work and you want free money,  please join NRM in peace.”