Bobi wine, Mao & Mugisha Muntu agree on a new plan to capture power

Mao (left) greeting Bobi Wine during the DP/UYD Busoga reunion at Kakindu stadium in Jinja on Wednesday. Photo by Donald Kiirya

Leaders of the Democratic Party (DP), Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) and People Power movement have hinted on a plan to field one presidential candidate during the 2021 polls.

The leaders, Norbert Mao of DP, Mugisha Muntu of ANT and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, were speaking during the DP/UYD Busoga reunion at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja district. People Power movement, led by Bobi Wine, have expressed the need to join forces and front one candidate in 2021 in order to oust President Yoweri Museveni from power.

This was contained in their address to thousands of supporters during the re-union on Wednesday amidst tight security by Police. During the event, musician Joseph Mayanja aka Dr Jose Chameleone, also re-affirmed his interest to contest for the post of Lord Mayor of Kampala.

“Everything will be possible if we work together. I am still with you, what hurts you also hurts me, so we are in the same struggle,” Chameleone said.

He requested Mao to allow him take part in all the reunion activities. “I convey my appreciation, through chairman Nyanzi to my brother Bobi Wine for ringing a bell and reminding the youth that it is time to believe in themselves,” Chameleone said, adding that some people thought he was joking when he announced that he will contest for the post of Lord Mayor.

Nyanzi is Bobi Wine’s brother. He has expressed interest in the Kampala Central Division parliamentary seat, which is occupied by Muhammad Nsereko. Mao told supporters that issues concerning choosing a presidential candidate should be left to the presidents of various opposition parties.

He urged leaders and aspirants at lower levels to focus on unity and the mobilisation of supporters.

“A time will come when we will meet as presidents of various opposition parties and choose one person from amongst us, whom we will all support in order to defeat President Museveni in the 2021 presidential elections,” Mao said.

He said the main mission is to free Uganda of dictatorship and oppression. Mao said after capturing power, they will set up a transitional government. Muntu commended DP for organising the reunion and expressed his readiness to work with other opposition parties.

He said his party will soon embark on building its structures at the village, sub-county, district and constituency levels. Before addressing the supporters, Bobi Wine asked the crowd to observe a minute of silence in memory of former Prime Minister, Prof. Apollo Nsibambi, who passed away on Tuesday.

He said Nsimbabi was a good leader, who had no record of stealing taxpayers’ money during his reign as prime minister. Bobi Wine said the liberation of Uganda is imminent and that Ugandans are ready for change. He stressed that unity is power and called upon opposition parties to unite to oust Museveni, adding that he (Museveni) should learn from the past.

“God has sent President Museveni many signs to leave power, but he does not get it. First, it was DP’s Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, then Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) Kizza Besigye, followed by Mugisha Muntu, but he took them for granted. Now God has sent the Rastafarians (abaraasi) to oust him,” Bobi Wine said amid applause.

He later led a procession from Kakindu stadium towards Main Street and Clive Road West atop his vehicle.