“Bobi wine & Mayinja are enemies of Progress, Peace & Prosperity” M7 fires back after Bizzemu song saga

At Serena Hotel during Kusasira’s Concert, the President spoke out on the wave of murders that have gripped the nation lately, denying that his government is involved in the killing of its citizens.

Museveni noted that the people who have died so far have been killed by murderers and not the Government as the situation was in 1980 when he took up arms to fight the government of Milton Obote.

The President’s remarks on the murders were provoked by a chain of dramatic events during the concert.

Kusasira had earlier introduced all her bandmates, who included Ronald Mayinja, Mesach Ssemakula, Maureen Nantume, Stecia Mayanja and her (Kusasira) husband Fred Sserugga to the President.

Mayinja’s introduction drew wild cheers when he rushed to shake hands with Museveni. However, brief drama later ensued when he was asked to go on stage and perform one song, which he gladly accepted.

His choice of song, however, left the concert organizers fidgeting in their shoes and scrambling to stop him.

Mayinja performed his famous hit, Mzei Bizeemu, which literally refers to the re-occurrence of the indiscriminate killings of the 1980s that forced Museveni and other bush warfighters to fight the Obote II regime.

Some organizers were not amused with the song, however, the audience started cheering Ronald Mayinja and tipped him money.

Altered facts, liars and Enemies of Progress

Museveni, indeed, did not ignore the message and referred to Mayinja as a liar. During his speech, Museveni noted that the facts in Mayinja’s song had been altered.

“The song implies that the Government is responsible for the killings of the ordinary citizens, such as the previous governments, which is not the case,” he said.

Museveni implored Mayinja, Bobi wine, and other local artistes to mind about the facts in the songs they compose such that the message does not cause disharmony, which could disrupt the current wave of peace that Ugandans are enjoying.

Uganda has been gripped by a wave of insecurity, characterized by brutal murders targeting high-profile and ordinary citizens, which security is struggling to contain.

Museveni once again assured the public that his government would ensure that the killings are stopped. He blamed the rampant crime on the civilian population and not the soldiers.

The President noted that the judges, who are part of the civilian population, free hardcore criminals arrested by security organs, which he said is a setback in the fight against crime.

The President also called for an end to corruption and eviction of tenants. He noted that if Ugandans can allow him to resort to the principles of freedom fighters, which he used while fighting in the bush, dealing with the crime rate would be a simple subject.