“Bobi wine should know his level, I can’t work below him” Karamoja people power Mobilizer rejects Bobi’s offer

Just hours after the announcement of the new members of ‘People Power’ coordinators and mobilizers across the country, the number of appointees who accuse people leadership of not consulting them prior has increased to two.

The unveiled structure includes the Advisory Council, Leadership Council and the regional coordinators who will spearhead People Power Movement political activities across the country.

However, Jie County legislator, Adome Bildad Moses of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) denied knowledge of his new appointment at the leader of People Power Movement coordinators in Karamoja sub-region.

Odome who said in a statement that he learned of his appointment on social media, noted that

“it’s surely a presumption by the People Power group that whoever voted against the age limit is for them. This is not true to some of us.”

“Whereas it’s also my right to belong to any political party, it is also my right to be protected from circumstances that may be of jeopardy to my roles as a member of parliament from NRM. I will request to know what exactly the people power stands for, what they would wish me to do and how they expect me to do and how possibly it may be of help to the people I lead. Short of the above, I won’t be fooled to accept what I don’t see light in,” wrote Adome.

Jie County legislator, Adome Bildad Moses

In a separate phone interview, Adome revealed that the People Power Movement spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi contacted on Tuesday night and told him of how the Movement was to hold a press conference and announce him as the leader, but he declined.

“I told him to first explain to me how People Power is going to solve our problems as Karamoja like some of our hospitals which are in a bad state and he said he was going to call me back, which he didn’t. Only to see my name on their list on Wednesday,” Adome told this news website.

On People Power strength in the area, Adome said: “There is no People Power visibility in Karamoja sub-region. Karimojongs are only interested in discussions regarding services in their area.”

Asked if he would vote for Bobi Wine if he stood with President Yoweri Museveni for the presidency, Adome said he will go with the latter.

Now, another appointee, Elakuna Isaac (FDC) who is the current Speaker of Soroti Municipality, has in a statement said despite his appointment among coordinators in Teso region, he was not consulted.

“I have read my name being circulated on social media as one of the people power coordinators in Teso. I have also received congratulatory messages from some friends. These are all good gestures but I want to categorically make it clear that I am a staunch member of FDC and I do not have any intentions of changing my political affiliation,” says Elakuna Isaac in a statement.

Elakuna Isaac

He, however, said as people’s government they are ready to work with People Power or any other change seeking force It is not clear how the People Power Movement leadership chose its team and coordinators whether they were all consulted or not and how many are likely to come out and deny knowledge of being part of the new mobilization structure.