Bobi wine speaks out on Stella Nyanzi Conviction of Cyber Harassment

Earlier Yesterday Dr. Stella Nyanzi was convicted of cyber harassment but acquitted on offensive communication. Cyber harassment attracts a maximum sentence of three years or a fine of sh1.4m

In her bold statement to court, Dr. Stella Nyanzi wondered why the courts do everything to protect the dictator and do everything to punish those who fight the dictator!

The Magistrate also found it convenient to condemn Dr. Stella Nyanzi for using immoral words! The same courts which have protected the corrupt, shielded murderers and defended land grabbers are now castigating a poet for being immoral.

Bobi wine full statement

You and me know very well that if Stella was President Museveni’s minister accused of receiving a bribe, she would be off the hook in no minute! If she was a high ranking police officer, accused of murdering or torturing a citizen, she would be out of cells, having a good time with her children tonight! She wouldn’t have spent even one day in jail!

So what is more immoral? A woman who uses hard words to speak truth to power, or a minister who steals money meant for babies suffering from malaria? These things must be looked at in their full context. The argument of morality is only an excuse for persecuting this courageous woman who has dared speak out against an evil despot.

What gives us hope is that the forces of evil however dark never win in the end. God being our help, we shall certainly overcome. I have no words to explain my admiration for Dr. Stella Nyanzi and the courage she has exhibited in all these trials and tribulations.

At a very serious personal cost, she has challenged all of us not to just sit down when our nation is going down the drain. We must stand in solidarity with her, and make sure that each one of us does what we can to redeem our nation.