Bobi wine stings Besigye on his failures “Don’t talk about democracy and stand four times and on the fifth time you say it doesn’t work,”

Robert Kyagulanyi the Kyandondo East Member of parliament doubling as the leader of a youth pressure group people power has come out openly challenging Forum for Democratic Change strongest man Dr Col Kizza Besigye on his remarks that Museveni cannot be deprived of power through a democratic way.

The bold and variant youthful also the most popular opposition Political member of parliament made these stinging remarks during the inauguration of an allied coalition of political parties spear headed by Nobert Mao of Democratic Party (DP), People’s Democratic party’s (PDP) Abed Bwanika and Social Democratic Party (SDP).

In his statement Bobi aimed to educate the Opposition leader Besigye that the rest of opposition block still believes that democratic change is still viable and it’s the way forward.

“For a leader to say a vote can never oust Museveni without offering a solution is disappointing. We believe in democracy and it should not depend on us but on people. What politicians cannot solve, the people of Uganda can solve, they should continue to register as voters and be many,”

Robert Kyagulanyi
Will the DP political alliance pass the 2021 test

Kyagulanyi and his people power group are sure and confident that elections can oust Museveni as it has worked for various countries and in Uganda giving example for his victory in the Kyadondo East parliament seat by election, Arua, Jinja east and Bugiri.

“Don’t talk about democracy and stand four times and on the fifth time you say it doesn’t work, we believe it works,”

Bobi added amidst applaud.

Nobert mao who is spear heading the coalition said “Some people are giving up saying this man (President Museveni) can only be removed by God. I want to assure you, God’s work on earth is done by men and women”

Besigye’s intolerance towards elections comes after his four times defeat by Museveni in consecutive presidential general in elections. In 2016 the recent defeat, it totally shattered his belief in elections making him firm against ballot paper.

On December 21 2018, Besigye flanked by FDC party President Patrick Amuriat, Democratic Party’s Betty Nambooze, FDC chairman Wasswa Birigwa, FDC party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat, former Bukhooli Central MP Wafula Oguttu, Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munywagwa among others claimed he wasn’t going to wait for another rigged 2021 election.

In 2016 Besigye swore himself as president of Uganda claiming that his votes were rigged in favor of his strong opponent Museveni the chairman of the ruling Political party National Resistance movement (NRM).

Besigye in his speak he showed that the only meaningful way of overthrowing Museveni could through a military coup or a military liberation struggle. He urged his supporters not to give up saying he is still in touch with the international community and people who wish Uganda well.

Kizza claims that Uganda’s president Yoweri acts as both a player and referee in the same game and thus it’s completely difficulty and hard to oust him through the same elections he organizes.

Beigye said that Junta Museveni is not willing to hand over power back to the citizens, that Ugandans instead must fight back for the control of their through actions that he said his ‘people’s government’ will unveil in the due course of 2019. He further confirmed that the NRM regime in 2018 had exploited the political differences that manifested  between various opposition figures but that was now in  the past, as from now they are to move as one force with a common goal since they all share similar objectives.

“We have spent two years organising our people and we think now there’s strong competence to regain the control of the country. Apart from the ordinary people being organised, we need better organisation as political leaders. We need to be synchronised, coordinated to achieve what’s needed to be achieved, focused on where the problem lies…There has been some uncoordinated movements sometimes. This year is to make sure this is kept in the past and we move as a purposeful pro democratic force.”

Dr Besigye Kiza


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