Bobi wine’s defense on allegations of working for ‘Gay Society’

Kyagulanyi received the award on Tuesday at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual Conference in Chicago, in the United States of America. Bobi Wine accompanied by Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake said he was humbled by the award, which he said encourages him to continue doing what he is doing!

The Global Peace and Human Rights Summit in Chicago started on June 28 and ended July 2. According to Bobi wine critics, the Organizer of the conference Rev. Jesse Jackson, a famous advocate for homosexuality crosses the world. 

In some of the photos, Bobi Wine is seen rubbing shoulders with Mr. Chasten Buttigieg who is married to a fellow man (Pete Buttigieg).

”Oooh boy…. this Ka boy has decided to do the unthinkable” One of his critics posted online.

There is much being posted on social media that the conference that Bobi wine attended and addressed in Chicago in which he was given an award, was organized by the world LGBTQ (gay, lesbian, etc) movement.

Its true that the conference was organized by the rainbow/push coalition, a non profit organization formed by the Reverend Jesse Jackson (a renowned civil rights defender and former presidential hopeful in the USA), as far back as 1971, to advance the cause of social justice, civil rights and activism in USA and across the world.

Among the rights that they advocate for is the right to the respect of people’s sexuality which includes gay, lesbians, etc. The presence at the conference of the democratic party presidential hopeful, mayor Pete Buttigieg who is openly gay, does not make the whole theme of the conference a gay affair.

We have a dictatorship to fight here, and anybody who receives recognition for fighting for change in Uganda should be celebrated, and even those that do not come from political groups we belong to.

According to Mr Pete Buttigieg the organizer of the event, his aim was to preach to Young African and American to stand brave in faces of injustices, inequality and also enact policies that would begin to undo racist and discriminatory practices historically aimed at some minority societies.

If elected president, Mr. Buttigieg said, he would work to improve police training, create a federal fund for investment in minority-owned businesses, abolish private federal prisons and ban incarceration for simple drug possession. He would address voting rights by instituting automatic voter registration, expanding early voting and making Election Day a national holiday, he said.

According to people power officials, the convention was a crucial opportunity for Mr. Buttigieg and Organizers to rally support to Buttigieg who is Aspiring for Presidential seat on Democratic party card, making him and Bobi wine of same goal ( becoming presidents to undo justices caused by society and ruthless leaders).