“Bobi won’t be president due to his fans, Manners do matter” Nsereko retaliates

Nsereko fans and supporters have retaliated attacking the Bobi wine fans whom they have labeled Hooligans and the intorelant group. This is due to the fact that Bobi wine diehards are known to be abusing every person who talks about Bobi wine

The team has said that facts should be stated, Bobi wine fans should know that Kyagulanyi is not a god or someone perfect he is bound to criticism.

“If meaningful debates are to be made, criticism and other negative compliments will be made towards Bobi wine and his family and his fans should come to terms with that fact.”He said

MP Muhammad Nsereko is facing the wrath of People power supporters due to him leaking his private message he had with the Chairman of people power movement Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu doubling MP of Kyadondo East.

Nsereko revealed that he cannot support Bobi wine for the presidency of Uganda due to the behavior of his fans who are good at abusing and labeling everyone as a mole.

“I cannot Support Bobi wine for Presidency because He Specialized in Politics of Blindfolds and Concealment ” Kampala Central MP Hajji Muhammad Nsereko has Highlighted.

According to Nsereko, There are no Secrets in Politics and Therefore if Bobi wine needs His Support He Must unleash All His Winning Strategies to Ugandans before 2021 Presidential elections.

Bobi wine fans have told to understand and believe that Nsereko is brother and one of the best legislators in Parliament from this region. 

“At least he has never gone against opposition interests as a person. It’s true we still have a leadership problem in Buganda and it becomes suicidal to break the few leaders that we have” One political analyst said.

“What is causing all this fuss !!! Why don’t we recast our thinking and refocus energies for the general good? I read about the alleged meeting of the two brothers Nsereko and Kyagulanyi and waited for Nsereko’s side of the story. I have listened to him and apparently, no one has adduced evidence to pin him down” He added