Bobi’s plans & Contradictions towards Museveni spark off division in People Power camp


I see a lot of contradiction in the above: “granting President Museveni Amnesty and turning him into an advisor”. Semuwemba wrote on his timeline

In his submission, Hon. Kyagulanyi wants the powers of the President reduced. Now in the same submission, he says, “I will grant Museveni amnesty and turn him into an advisor”.

This I think will be possible if he decides to ignore the wishes of Ugandans. Some Ugandans are waiting for the time when President Museveni is out of office so that they are able to sue him. How will Kyagulanyi reconcile this? I will get back to this argument with an illustration.


The language in the first case does not show that the two will first have a gentleman’s agreement before President Museveni takes the appointment.

Secondly, as of now, it is said that President Museveni is ready for dialogue with Hon. Kyagulanyi. If Kyagulanyi as of now is not ready to dialogue with the President, how will the advisory service work?

Third, President Museveni is accused by the opposition including Hon. Kyagulanyi of among other things mismanagement of the economy, failure to see Good Governance practiced by his Government and many other issues. Now if that is a litmus test for a good leader, what makes Kyagulanyi seek the services of President Museveni?


Singer, producer and music writer Richard Kawesa has challenged the presidential immunity enjoyed by President Museveni as the head of state for Uganda.

Article 98(4) of the Constitution of Uganda states that a president shall not be liable to any proceedings in any court while still in office.

Under this provision, a serving president is insulated from both civil and criminal proceedings, but he or she can be prosecuted for his or her actions after their presidency ends.

In a petition in the Constitutional Court in which Museveni is recorded as the respondent, Kawesa says the former being the president should be scrapped off his immunity to allow him to be sued in private and personal capacity.


Richard Kaweesa wrote to President Museveni seeking for five billion shillings in compensation for copyright for using ‘Another Rap’ song during the 2011 presidential campaigns.

In an October 30, 2018 demand notice, Kawesa said he wrote and produced the song which later became popular as Museveni canvassed for votes and eventually won the 2011 polls partly riding on the song.

“This song also became a popular ringtone which obtained on all mobile telecommunication platforms and enhanced the top of the mind awareness.

Given the above illustration, Hon. Kyagulanyi would be very wrong to imagine that he can give Museveni Amnesty when a number of people have issues they want to see settled in courts of law once he is out of the office of the President.

The man Kyagulanyi wants to be his advisor is the same he blamed below in the video?What a contradiction?

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