BREAKING: Faridah Nakazibwe dumbs Ssali, Ready to Return to First Husband & Kids father

News reaching our desk have indicated that NTV’s News Anchor Ace Faridah Nakazibwe has finally made up her mind and allegedly ready to get back to her First Husband also the father of her kids.

The husband in question is known as Dan Nankunda and the duo have been having secretive meetings talking about their reconciliations and how to break the news to the children as well as the family members.

According to our sources Faridah Nakazibwe was told by Dan Nankunda to revert to christianity in order for their re-union to be farmalized again.

It should be noted that Faridah broke up with Dan the first time due to Nakazibwe refusing to revert to Christianity, and as a result, Dan and Nakazibwe decided to dissolve their union.

Faridah was told off to convert into Christianity if any marriage arrangements are to happen and it is now believed that she is ready to give in finally.

What you should not forget is that Faridah is still married to Ssali Omar a Ugandan professional doctor based in Dubai thour their relationship hungs in balance.

Faridah has been accusing Ssali of running their marriage on a lie and as a result, she decided to throw away his ring and name

A source has tipped us that Faridah is ready to re-introduce Dan again. But she has to first arrange divorce papers with her still husband Doctor Omar Ssali.

Nakazibwe is a mother of two girls that were fathered by Dan Nankunda a colleague at WBS TV who later moved on to NTV with her. Despite working together and having the bond of children, Faridah and Nankunda just couldn’t be partly because of religion, which was a major deal breaker.

Nakazibwe’s family could only accept a Muslim man and Nankunda wasn’t ready to become a Muslim. Whenever there were misunderstandings, the couple appreciated that they couldn’t be together, because of their differences.