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Breaking News: Judge who has been sexually harassing lawyers for 10 years named

Mr. Christopher Gashirabake on the right who is being accused of sexual harassment.

The latest news coming from the legal department of Uganda shows that the state attorney who has been enduring sexual harassment from top official has named her tormentor.

The hyena who has been put in the spotlight is known as Christopher Gashirabake heading the department of legal affairs in the ministry of justice and constitutional affairs.

The state attorney by names of Ms. Samantha Mwesigwa has been trending in news for disclosing sex scandals that have been rampant in the judicial department though the victims have been made to go silence by their tormentors.

She says that Gashirabake sexually harassed her for over 10 years even though he is the Chairman of the disciplinary committee at the ministry.

Ms Samantha the accuser

She denies sleeping with Gashirabake out of goodwill as alleged by some of her associates, saying it is the reason why he has sexually harassed her for a decade.

“People are trying to make it look like I slept with him and now that it has gone sour I have chosen to speak out,” she says, adding in audio that she has become a subject of conversation in the public with some people supporting her while others disagreeing with her story.

She says Gashirabake put her into hell with his sexual advances that could latter affect her professional work as well as personal development. She says she has never been in a private space with Gashirabake or even had lunch with him despite his requests.

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