We’ve seized control of govt ‘to restore democracy, says Gabon army

Soldiers in Gabon have appeared on state television saying they have launched a coup in the west African country. Early Monday an army soldier, flanked...

High stakes for friends and foes as DRC heads to polls

From the countries who share the Democratic Republic of Congo’s vast border — some of which stirred its devastating conflicts to international powers invested...

“We won’t be intimidated” Kagame stands firm against regional turmoil

Rwanda's president Paul Kagame has affirmed his stance on the ongoing provocations by his southern neighbor Burundi by saying he wont give into what...

Brexit: EU court offers way out

British Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday began a final push to persuade parliament to back her Brexit deal as the European Court...

British prime minister loses three Brexit votes

“This argument has gone on long enough. It is corrosive to our politics and life depends on compromise,”

A tense Trump joins former presidents at Bush funeral

Since Bush’s death, Trump has traded his usual provocative posture for one of solemnity, tweeting before the service about “a day of celebration for a great man who has led a long and distinguished life”.

Bush Vs Trump: A study in presidential contrasts

One US president talked softly, the other harangues. One built international coalitions, the other tears them up. One was a war hero, the other...

Museveni and others mourn the passing of former US president

President Yoweri Museveni has paid tribute to former US President, George Herbert Walker Bush, who passed away on Friday at 94 years. George W....

Museveni holds talks with Somali President

President Yoweri Museveni and his Somali counterpart Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed on Saturday held discussions at State House, Entebbe.  The talks centred on areas of...


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