COSASE saga : Katuntu not willing to handover to Munyagwa

This week, the change in the chairmanship and the deputy to the COSASE committee has caused mixed reactions from the public some saying FDC is a mole.

It should be remembered , the tenure of the current committee leadership had already expired, but due to request from the speaker of parliament, it was extended to December this year.

This week, the committee chairman, Hon. Katuntu asked for the way forward from the speaker of parliament since the committee had not finalized its investigations in the BOU saga.

To this, the speaker of parliament requested the LoP and opposition chief whip to again extend the tenure of the current committee leadership to February 2019 which request was not granted. This has caused mixed reactions from the public some even going personal comparing Hon.Katuntu the current committee chairman with Hon.Munyagwa who is ment to replace him.

According to the law, once the tenure of the committee expires, its extension might cause or will cause those suspects it’s investigating to run to court to challenge its legitimacy and those found guilty might walk out freely un punished.

According to the rules or procedure of the parliament, the speaker is the overall head of that house but accountability committees report to the leader of opposition and opposition chief whip, Hon. Katuntu asking for the way forward from the speaker was skipping hirachy, and him being a qualified lawyer, I expected Hon. Katuntu to know that best.

Hon.katuntu has served very well his country as the COSASE committee chairman, but if we are to talk of change, we should not only focus on the top most position but express it even at the lowest of the offices..

If we are to talk of “rule of law”, we should let the law to work even its working against ourselves, we should not break the law to satisfy our personal interests..

By law, in Uganda no one holds monopoly to a public office, you come work your part and once called off by the appointing authority you handover to your replacement.

None of us has seen Hon. Munyagwa’s abilities as a chairman to the COSASE committee, let’s give him chance, once he fails, it will be upon the appointing authority to call him off.

Finally, some opposition MPs have refused to recognize the new LOP as their leader in parliament and this creates suspicion to us who cry for change.