Ex-ESO agent: Rwanda is Financing and Using Bobi wine to Destabilize Uganda

Bobi Wine and other politicians aligned to 'People Power' addressing reporters at Magere

An Ex- External Security Agent Named Serugga Titus has revealed shocking unconfirmed allegations that Kagame of Rwanda is the one behind and Financing Bobi wine and his pressure group people power. Below is his statement:-

Rwanda is just using Bobi Wine, they have no intention of seeing him in power because they know it’s very impossible.

Kagame’s motive is to destabilize Kampala, this makes Bobi Wine a good bait, he is popular in the opposition, who would be the suspect if he is assassinated? Of course Museveni and his NRM.

WHAT will happen after? Chaos isn’t this what Kagame has wanted and tried to achieve with Kayihura before??

Kagame has been complaining that Uganda is supporting his opponents and he has threatened to do the same, why exactly is he quiet now? Why do you think Museveni is very annoyed and refusing to settle this matter? Museveni knows exactly what Kagame is doing but he prefers to pretend and demolish his structure slowly.

”If you want to claim life insurance money don’t kill yourself but kill your wife who is insured then claim the insurance.” if you have brains then you know what am talking about and this is exactly what Kagame is doing.

Now, all this of people being killed mbu belonging to People Power is just setting up People Power leaders for assassinations watch this space. You may think you are gaining political space but in reality, you will not have it, you are creating precedence and motive, you are preparing people for your assassination. Kagame wants chaos the Sudan or Lybia way then he occupies us for 20 years as he exploits our resources, takes Congo as reference.

Mpozi tells me who is Kabila married to, and the current Congo president is married to who? Look around Bobi what do you see?

Let take it slow am just leaving the parking and we have a long distance to drive.

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