Family Court gives its ruling on Bugingo-Teddy Case

Teddy Naluswa & Bugingo

Justice Christine Nantege gave her verdict that Bugingo is only responsible for one child by name Isaac Bugingo who is 5 years old in Kindergarten.

The older ones above 18 years are no longer his responsibility, she added that he can only do so out of his free will and the court can not compel him to take responsibilities

Teddy took Bugingo to court demanding that Bugingo should be compelled by Court to take responsibilities on their children Winnie Bugingo and Jennifer Bugingo who are in University.

This is the second case between the estranged couple and the first case was Bugingo demanding that their marriage should be annulled by the court

Speaking out to Journalist Teddy Bugingo said that she has handed over her matters in the hands of God, she revealed that the earthly Judges have betrayed her.

“I was so surprised to hear the court verdict that he is no longer responsible for his children simply because they have reached 18 years,” Teddy said