FDC breaks silence on the fight between Nsereko & Bobi

Buganda region  FDC Mobilizer Mr. Rwakoora has come out with his strong view on the fight ranging between Bobi wine and Muhammad Nsereko. He said it’s shameful to find out that we, Baganda especially the opposition figures are fighting each other as our kabaka looks at.

I don’t mean that he “kabaka” should intervene No, there should be a peaceful conversation between the two parties.

It’s rumoured that Hon Bobi wine was conversing with his close companions about the political struggle in this country and how he will at least have a candidate at every constituency and some members who included Kato Ashburg, Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Lee, Latif Ssebagala and others before appointing Mr. Joel Ssenyonyi as people power spokesman.

Speaking to our reporter Mr. Rwakoora said “When Bobi wine, appointed Joel ssenyonyi, Mr ashburg Kato kidnapped himself to make Bobi feel weak on social media posts. And after a while he later brought himself to Magere and when asked as to why he did so. The boy defended and replied Mbu it’s like I am losing interest from you (Bobi).

According to romours, this is where Bobi, he uttered hard words of Muhammad’ Nsereko pinching Nsereko to lose voters from the Buganda region. And his tongue sleep-off to vomit out that Nserenko came with billions of money to tell him that he ” Bobi wine “should step aside from which they say that Bobi wine refused and in that conversation he talked about them.

“Those who attended this conversation, are the ones who even talked and shared it with Muhammad Nsereko. This all blackmail is all about to pave away for Chairman Nyanzi for central Kampala after abusing Nsereko” he added

“Therefore, after Nserenko asking him to clear it in public, he refused not to be ashamed to those who attended the meeting and now instead he is using this slim boy called Ashburg to attack and abuse whoever supports Nsereko as you can see  Nsereko is right”

He later showed disappointed in the way people power carry out their frustration on anyone note supporting Bobi wine.

It has become a norm of attacking, blackmailing and insulting whoever doesn’t show support for Bobi wine, which is injurious to Bobi’s aspirations because people being attacked by Bobi wine’s camp are people with great minds who are useful to Bobi and have the potential of advancing Bobi wine’s agenda.

So the bottom line is let’s embrace everyone for the betterment of the struggle and focus on the way of achieving the bigger goal and dissidents are unavoidable in any struggle. Nsereko and Lukwago we need them in the struggle so let’s not fight them off or even hatch a plan of replacing them.