Fresh kids Manager signs a tough agreement with greedy Father

According to the agreement that was drafted by Onyango and company. The child will study from Monday to Friday and the manager will only access him on weakeneds, public and general holidays.

It also agreed that the child must also be allowed at least 8 hours of rest after performance of training and he must not perform after 10:00 pm and he is not allowed to perform in bars or adult themed venues.

The agreement indicated that it is the responsibility of the father to ensure that the child attends all classes in school and the father must acompany his son to all venues of performances.

The father and the manager also agreed that abank account would be opened in the boys names where 20% of all income will be deposited and the child will access it when he is 18years.

And 20% will go to the father for his maintenance and 20% to the manager as his salary, the 30% for management and administration and the remaining 10% will go for fresh kid’s mother.