Full figure leaves People power movement saying its full of ‘shit’ & useless people

A musician known by her stage name Full figure has abdicated from Bobi wine’s people power movement saying its full of people who are envious of one another.

She says that when Bobi wine is out of the country its only her and Bajjo who are left to run people power agenda, she reveals that when Bobi wine (the big boss) is back all Paparazzi and useless wannabes like Eddie mutwe start showing off.

The No Nonsense woman narrates that she has been unaware that people power movement die hards are thieves, arrogant and envious as well as coward people.

To affirm her statement, she said that she witnessed how envious these people were after she told them to go and bail Bajjo from police custody and everyone chickened out.

Full figure added that people power has people like Eddie Mutwe who believe that they own people power whereas they have nothing beneficial they add on the liberation cause of the country, apart from taking selfies with Bobi wine

“…..I wonder if a selfie can oust Museveni from power” full figure wondered.

She concluded saying that she left people power movement to the likes of Eddie Mutwe and Arsh Burg Kato but that doesn’t mean she is no longer a Bobi wine die hard.