Government reacts to Bobi Wine’s speech in Zimbabwe

A one NRM government die hard official named Kiwanuka Kituuka has reacted to the speech considered to be controversial which angered big men in government. In this speech bobi wine attacked Museveni freely without fear or favour. Kituuka reaction goes on like this :-

I still believe that Hon. Kyagulanyi is not yet up to the challenge of being elected President of Uganda, though even some well placed personalities in Uganda imagine so.

When I read through Hon. Kyagulanyi’s speech in his capacity as Chief Guest at the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Convention in Zimbabwe, a question came to my mind. One, whether Hon. Kyagulanyi authors the speeches he reads out. I have in the past made a comment that the Hon. MP requires a competent speech writer.

Even when someone is good at his facts, there are reservations in what he or she can say in a fora like where Hon. Kyagulanyi was.

For Hon. Kyagulanyi to have said, “The young Cattle Keeper turned soldier”, was so demeaning to the person of President Museveni which could have negative consequences not only to Hon. Kyagulanyi, but also to innocent Ugandans.

I recall the time when Kabaka Mutebi II was not allowed to go to his county. Baganda were bitter, and what followed on was not good. People and property were lost.

When Hon. Kyagulanyi makes utterances which are seen as irresponsible, these can easily lead to uncalled for hatred among Ugandans who observe certain ties and eventual revenge which could be through different means.

Many believe he is Presidential material, but let us accept that he is not yet there.

Some circles believe that Hon. Kyagulanyi is a Baganda project. They are entitled to their beliefs, but a professional with good experience of Uganda politics as I am cannot just endorse someone because he is a Muganda. I am above that. I look to ability, respect of others to mention but a few.

Once more, it is important to appreciate that the Uganda journey to date has not been that easy. There is need to be cautious.

I know whenever I write about Hon. Kyagulanyi what some people do not like they go on my back. I do not need your opinions. When I went to SMACK in 1974, no body sat exams for me. When I did not endorse the 5 year Bush War, I did it on my own belief, and I do not regret. And today I repeat here: Hon. Kyagulanyi is a superb Kingmaker, but not yet Presidential material.