Government sends delegation to USA to counter Bobi’s Sanction requests

Last weekend Kyadondo East Member of Parliament wrote a letter to white house seeking to draw attention of Museveni’s greatest ally that Uganda is being ruled with ironclad.

Through his lawyer Amsterdam, a list of conclusive reasons where listed to show how bad the regime in Kampala is really rotting. The list had reasons like Kasese massacre, increased unlawful detention of political opponents’ and human rights abuses within Uganda by security organs.

The government through its State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Henry Okello Oryem, called Bobi Wine ‘a naive amateur’, reminding the country that the legislator should know President Trump can’t really pay interest to “an amateurish African politician.

“He [Bobi Wine] is sadly naive and still in a dream if he thinks the White House will leave everything it’s doing- campaigning and promoting “America First” to waste time attending to some small time amateurish African politician,” Oryem said.

However according to information coming from foreign affair ministry shows that the regime is indeed under pressure due the move Bobi wine made which they never anticipated.

Mr. Museveni has enjoyed international support and good will more than any African leader. He has hosted 3 popes, 3 US presidents, presidents and leaders of all most powerful government in the world. He has been given largest grants, foreign aid and aid more than any of his predecessors.

However Bobi wine’s increased presence in the International media is showing a different image that Kampala regime is rotting.

A delegation comprising of Uganda’s ambassador in United States is expected to meet up and try to soothe the US administration into have a strong faith in Kampala government.

The government is willing to trade their close ally North Korea in order to waiver off anger from US administration. It should be noted that the Special envoy was here in Uganda last month to warm Museveni that the worst may happen if He doesn’t severe ties with North Korea