Group of Cannibals feeding on Fresh meat of children unearthed by Police

It was a shock and utter dismay to the residents of the Bukomansimbi District in the Buganda region as a 15-year-old girl was arrested by police

The girl was arrested on allegations of kidnapping two children with the aim of feasting on them for lunch and another group of cannibals who were waiting for her to deliver the meal.

According to Police, it’s alleged that the girl suspect kidnapped a one -old -year Esther Nannozi last week from her grandmother Ms. Rosette Nanyonga

She then decided to go to the Ssembabule district to lure another target to be feasted on. In ssembabule, she kidnapped another child making her stock two children.

It is said that after the suspect fled Bukomansimbi, she hired a room in Sembabule where she was living with the kidnapped children

Bukomansimbi District Police Commander Sowedi Mansoor said the suspect was arrested following a tip-off from residents of Sembabule.

“Residents in Sembabule got suspicious about the conduct of the young girl who was staying with two children and they immediately informed police which interviewed,” the DPC said.

Upon her arrest, the suspect told police that she was ordered by her fellow colleagues who are cannibals to go to Bukomansimbi and kidnap six children and take them to Gayaza in Wakiso District.

During interrogation, the suspect revealed that in Gayaza, there is a group of about 10 cannibals who collect children and eat them while fresh.