H.E Robert Kyagulanyi the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament also known as Bobi Wine has sent a strong message directed to police bosses who have taken a keen interest in sabotaging everything he does.

Earlier on the weekend the police send armed forces to make sure his Kyarenga extra concert which was slated for Easter Monday never to happen.

The police dragged him from his car by force and drove him back to Magere (His Residence) as he was trying to access his venue (Busabala). In accordance to their unlawful acts, the police on top of blocking his concert decided to put him under house arrest.

Bobi wine told the police chief prior to his arrest he had decided to do everything legally and lawful but to his surprise the security organ (Police) which is endowed with the duties to “protect and serve” has diverted from such obligations and reverted to torture and harassment of indigenous Ugandans.

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Bobi wine advised Inspector general of police that being on opposition side is not a crime rather a choice since Uganda is a multi-party system and the police should try to respect their political inclination.

Bobi wine expressed concern on the police officers who had camped at his house putting his life at risk and all his business have been halted. He has accused the police office camping at his place of Using flying toilets (defecating and urinating in polythene bags and then throw it away).

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Due to sanitation & health concern Bobi advised police officers and their bosses to vacate his premises before they make his fence a breeding place for Cholera and put his family’s health in danger

Bobi wine called upon Ugandans to rise up and join him in the struggle to liberate Uganda from the hands of autocratic rulers who have oppressed Uganda for more than 3 decades.

Kyagulanyi assured the oppressed Ugandans that he will keep on updating and talk to them via various media streams including Facebook live feed, audio and other internet based means which the government has no control of.