Here is what happened between Peng Peng & Bobi wine meeting

Bobi who is currently in Stockholm Sweden for his music tours dedicated to his fans in diaspora met up with different people. Among included the renown vlogger Peng Peng.

At the beginning of this year, Peng Peng was a great critic of Bobi wine and called him all sorts of names. He later explained that Brian white was sponsoring his posts.

“I have been summoned by the president to discuss matters of National Governance. For the first time in life I felt very special omukulembeze yaganye okulya emeere ngatanalaba ( Bobi refused to eat anything prior meeting with me ) the internet surgeon, Peng Peng lamented in his post.

On joining people power movement peng peng claims to be awarded the title of being the minister for information.

“Being a minister of information, I have to respect my boss Hon Kyagulanyi era e motooka ezinonye ewange zikumidwa police .Mubufunze bibadde bitibwa( because we were escorted by police patrols from my place to where I had to meet president Bobi wine, in brief, it was such an honour). So We’re coming live but Emma, Ali & Barbie should transpire.

I’m sorry Bryan White, I’m extremely sorry Bebe cool and sorry president Museveni. The reason why Bobi wine is smiling in this photo it’s nothing else but His message was clearly digested by the internet surgeon peng peng.

He told us ssente muzirye naye temutunda mwooyo.Omusajja asanze nyilila ela teyewunyiza ela angambye obusente bwebabukuwa burye.( He told me to eat the money given to you by Brian white and Museveni but don’t derail from our cause, Museveni must go)

He also praised Barbie the wife to Robert Kyagulanyi for the good image she has kept in society, saying that if a witch doctor demands a nude picture of Barbie for you to be healed. The truth is that you’re bound to die because there is no way you can get Barbie Kyagulanyi’s nude photo.