Heroes day: Bobi wine gives an incredible speech about true Heroes

Uganda’s Kyandondo East Member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi a few days ago flew to Amsterdam where he was preparing to have a show for his fans and spread the gospel of change to Ugandans in the diaspora.

During his show in Amsterdam, Robert Kyagulanyi thanked everybody who came to his show.

“Thank you, friends, who have come from different countries in Europe to attend our show in Amsterdam tonight. It is great catching up with all of you. It is going to be an amazing show, great vibes, playing with an amazing band” He said.

Even in the midst of the entertainment, he had a chance to discuss the future of our country Uganda the pearl of Africa and it was refreshing to see the patriotism that flows in the blood of the Ugandans living in the diaspora. 

” My message remains this- whether you’re in Uganda or abroad, each day we must do everything within our power to advance the cause for freedom.” He said

“Always remember this- each generation has its responsibility towards its country. A generation that doesn’t fulfill its duty only burdens the next generation with its responsibilities alongside the responsibilities of that generation” He added