“He’s young and Shameless”- Amelia Kyambadde hits back at People Power Dr. Hilderman

The Mawokota North MP, Amelia Kyambadde, who is also trade minister, has hit back at her friend-turned-foe Hillary Kiyaga aka Dr. Hilderman, for saying she made empty promises to her constituents simply to win votes.

Kyambadde told Saturday Vision that Dr. Hilderman, who is a musician, is free to express interest in her seat, but should give credit where it is due.

“For him to say Mawokota North has not developed is a shame because he even composed a song ( Amelia ) for me, praising me for the role I played in developing the area. It is annoying that he could say that. He should appreciate what someone has done and highlight what he is going to do,” the minister said.

Kyambadde said when she first entered the fray in 2010, after resigning from State House, where she worked as principal private secretary to President Yoweri Museveni, she saluted the then Mawokota North MP, Peter Mutuluuza, for the work he had done and promised to build on his success.

“That is mature politics. He cannot say I have not done anything,” she said. “My constituency is not my personal property, so anybody who feels competent enough can stand. It is the people to decide. I am pleased that he has gone to that level (of vying for MP seat). That shows I mentored him well. What is important is what he intends to deliver,” Kyambadde explained.

She said the singer is entitled to his opinion, but argued that he cannot that say the people of Mawokota have not developed. “It shows he does not know what is taking place in his area.

I lobbied government to extend electricity lines to various parts of the constituency, including his area (Kamengo sub-county), which has boosted the socio-economic conditions in the area and improved the quality of life. I also lobbied for the extension of piped water (rural water project) to various parts of the constituency, including Kamengo, Kiringete and Muduuma,” Kyambadde said.

She added that through her Twezimbe Development Foundation, a non-profit organization set up in 2009 to support various development activities in the area with an emphasis on health, education, water, youth, and gender, she got scholarships for 390 students for higher institutions of learning.

Cabinet handles issues

Kyambadde also took exception to Hilderman’s remark that she had failed to raise the issues of the constituency in Parliament.

“I am a minister. I address the issues of my constituency to my colleagues in Cabinet and they are resolved. Hilderman should know the difference between a Cabinet minister and a backbench MP. For example, I talked to the local government minister over the issue of Mpigi Central Market and it is going to be constructed. The money for elevating Mpigi health center IV to hospital status has already been released. So, what is he talking about?” she asked.

The minister said she was disappointed in Hilderman, but said she bore no ill feelings towards him.

“He is like my son and I have never harbored any resentment against him. In fact, I take pride in his development. So, he should not be confused by his people to be negative because I will never be negative towards him,” she said.

“I have done so much for him. I paid for the Amelia song; I supported his family and will continue doing so because I feel we need to continue nurturing these young people. We will not be there forever,” Kyambadde added.

She sounded confident of victory again due to her record of service to the constituents. In the 2016 elections, she polled 27,224 votes (67%) to retain her seat, while her closest rival, David Tebusweke from Democratic Party, garnered 7,668 votes (18 %).

Who is dr Hilderman? 

Dr. Hilderman, who is a therapist by profession, started singing in 2002 and had his first hit, Mazongoto, in 2006.

The 37-year-old musician went to Mbute Kampiringisa Primary School, St Kalemba SS Nazigo for O’level and Mityana SS for his A’level.

He then joined Makerere University for a bachelor’s degree in performing and acquired a postgraduate diploma in leadership and management at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya.

He is married with five children. He is also a livestock farmer and businessman who deals in garments.