Husband Seels Wife’s Private Part With SuperGlue For cheating

A story that was reported on Ama Naija Blog narrates that a jealous man named Denis Mumo seeled his wife’s genital part after he discovered his wife was having an affair with more 4 other men.

Denis Mumo did this with the aid of SuperGlue because he was jealous of other men having intercourse with his wife whenever he is away.

Denis Mumo is always away from home working a little far away from the community where he lives with his wife.

The shocking news Of seeling his partner’s private part with super glue before his trip to Rwanda surprised the villagers.

He was arraigned by the police on Friday and narrated he already had evidence of his wife having an affair with 4 other men, he also said he saw a nude picture she sent to another man captioning it “next week will be fire”

He found all this out By going through his wife’s received and sent messages and got some on her private chat.