“I always ascend to Heaven & talk to Jesus, he is so young & beautiful”- Prophet Elvis Mbonye reveals

“I always walk to Heaven and see Jesus, we talk and laugh as much as we want, He is very beautiful and handsome. He is the most perfect being”- Prophet Elvis Mbonye narrates his most recent tour to Heaven.

“What most people don’t realize is, they too can. I saw every feature on him and he came smiling at me. Jesus is the most perfect person.” – he continues to narrate.

Kampala city self proclaimed Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries in a viral video says he physically saw the son of God, Jesus Christ, and even walked to heaven directly on foot.

Mbonye claimed he physically saw Jesus when he appeared in his room. “I saw him physically. I wake in the morning and he [Jesus] walks into my room.”

Mbonye said from his physical appearance, Jesus is the most beautiful person. He is the most perfect person.

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