“I can’t go back to Bryan white’s podium” King Michael speaks out in agony

Michael Mugwanya, who was formerly known as DJ Michael and is now known as King Michael, was one of the biggest dancehall artistes in the country in the early 2000s.

His songs like Muko Muko, Kiri Ok and Kwata Kwata were a staple on radio and TV stations before he slid into oblivion.

We forgot about him and moved on to Beenie Gunter and Fresh Kid. Michael joined Bryan White’s ‘podium’ and got money. After the foundation collapsed, we forgot about him. Well, came back, not with a hit song, but with a flopped concert at Freedom City, on 23 August.

However, the concert was a total flop which left him wondering why Ugandans decided to desert him yet He was once a top superstar.

While speaking out The Kampala sun a weekly Tabloid King revealed that he was so much disappointed in Podium since it could have sparked off Ugandans hate towards him.

Michael Crying

How did you get to know about BryanWhite?

Bryan and I were friends before he got money. We used to drive each other. In fact, he used to accompany me to my upcountry shows. We were colleagues. I am glad he didn’t forget me when he got money. 

Would you go back to the ‘podium’ if Bryan White resumed it?

No, I wouldn’t because I am a busy man now. I can no longer spend the whole day doing nothing. And perhaps I got the money I wanted from Bryan… It’s like I hit a jackpot

Now that you left the ‘podium’, are you still friends with Ziza Bafana? 

I don’t know if he still considers me a friend, but I don’t have beef with him. If I met him, I would greet him. We had a misunderstanding. He didn’t want to follow the protocol. He wanted to talk directly to the boss, yet he was supposed to talk to me first before meeting the big man