“I only Respect Bobi wine and not his cockroaches ..”-Bebe cool

“What could be the problem with this old man who behaves like a child, why can’t he let go issues that require high reasoning capacity,” that’s how people reacted to Bebecool’s interview on Top Tv.

Bebe cool was appearing on Top Tv a local Tv Station last week, he was invited to discuss how Uganda’s politics have changed since Musicians started influencing politic scenario.

One of the commenters said “Sometimes I wonder how the so-called president of Uganda chooses people to speak for his Ugly NRM” This was due to misfires Bebecool made whilst answering questions asked by the presenter

On underscoring his respect for his longtime rival Bobi Wine who doubles as Kyadondo East lawmaker, Bebe Cool says he respects him so much but not all his cockroaches.

Tv Presenter: How do you feel when you are ever in Bobi Wine’s shadow; As in when he came up with People Power, u also created Silent Majority, when he brought the red berets, you also came up with Silent Majority caps. Does Bobi Wine give you sleepless nights??

Bebe Cool: Bobi Wine bought an expensive car in M7’s regime, at 25yrs Bobi Wine was already rich in M7’s regime…He should be appreciative that he has become successful in M7’s regime. He should teach youths how he became successful.

Tv Presenter: I did not ask you to narrate for me Bobi Wine’s riches and M7’s regime. My question was very clear, Does Bobi Wine give you sleepless nights?

Bebe Cool: One thing that hurts me, I grew up with Bobi Wine. I am older than him by the way but it puzzles me to see such a young guy fighting this regime and a lot of educated people believing in him. Bobi Wine studied MDD not Leadership.

Tv Presenter: When Bobi meets his fans and his political supporters he is greeted with joy, does that affect you?

Bebe Cool: I feel wrong when I see people cheering for him, if they knew what I know, they would even lay down their life for My President (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni) and desert Bobi wine’s fake

Bebe Cool, however, added that his only problem with Bobi Wine is that he is so controversial and has lost track of late.

“When Bobi Wine aspired for the Parliamentary seat on an independent ticket, I was happy thinking that he had come with an independent mind that could transform our people but he is now in opposition and misleading our youths. He condemns everything about the government as if it has not done anything good, something that is wrong!” Bebe Cool said.

The Trouble Hitmaker added that though its true President Museveni has overstayed in power, but it’s not wise to take him for granted, claim that the country has no peace and freedom yet the same person saying such textbook propaganda are busy building flats and expensive cars.

“Bobi Wine should be discussing with the Youth on how to earn a living and overcome poverty as he did but not misleading to state protests in the city because when they arrest them, he shall not bail them out.” Bebe Cool clarified