“I want to beat you until you get some sense in that empty head”- Big Eye tells Gravity Omutujju

Having failed to push on with his music career, faded singer Big Eye StarBoss wants to venture into boxing and has already spotted out which opponent he will be facing for the very first time.

According to the Big Music CEO, he is longing to go bare knuckles physically with rapper Gravity Omutujju so as to beat the hell out of the music “Terrorist”.

Not bothered with the fact that both musicians grew up through the hard times of the city ghettos that were witnessed with a lot of brutality and endless fights, the “Ndi Single” singer is more than ready to take on “Omutujju” in a physical fight when the lockdown ends.

“Wabula mpulira njagala kulwana. Era mbade njagala Quarantine oluggwa bantegekereyo fight ne ki Gravity Omutujju ku Freedom City nkikube,” stated StarBoss Big Eye.