“I was duped and Conned by Muzaata, Hamza and Kirumira, I curse the day I met them” Finally Rema cries out

A close source to Rema Namakula has revealed to Ugandanz News website that Rema is crying tears after realising that Her hubby is a broke man.

“Right from the start, my instincts gave me a feeling that there was a hoax somewhere in this whole thing.

A certain businessman warned me about the Kirumira family telling me how these were some of the most intelligent con men and trick stars Kampala had ever seen and how all the businessmen in Kampala are crying of being defrauded by the Kirumiras.

That the Kirumiras pose with huge sums of money, rent expensive cars, pay the media to always potray them as billionaires on big spender parties and have links to government mafias who fund them and use them to steal people’s properties and projects.

They used Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata to persuade me into their fraudulent terms and conditions of joining their Kwagalana groups and families.

Muzaata convinced me that no poor woman can be allowed to get married to a son of the Kwagalanas’ and that I had to buy my way through by financing a big shot introduction ceremony and even give Hamza’s parents physical cash.

And that I would recover my money since I i’m getting married to a rich family.

Now after running bunkrupt, I discover that my new husband Hamza Ssebunya is an empty pocket man”